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Spine center emphasizes nonsurgical treatment options for back & neck pain


It’s estimated that 4 out of 5 adults will have an attack of back pain at some point in their lives. One of every three on-the-job injuries is related to back or neck strain. The good news is that many people can get back to activity without surgery, according to Dr. Mark Downey, a specialist in back and neck pain and founder of SpineGroup Alabama. In 2018, Dr. Downey founded SpineGroup Alabama as a specialized spine center approach for back and neck pain. The new spine center facility, which opened in early 2019, includes space for physician offices, X-ray, an internal injection suite and spine therapy. It is located at 10 Old Montgomery Highway in Homewood, an affluent suburb of Birmingham.

“Our goal is to exhaust nonsurgical treatment options in advance of spine surgery,” Dr. Downey explains. “If surgery is necessary, we can refer to affiliated spine surgeons who emphasize a minimally invasive approach to shorten the length of the incision, lessen time in the hospital and speed return to activity with a less painful recovery.”

SpineGroup Alabama combines under one roof: Dr. Downey and Dr. Alex Cotter, who are board-certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation; two injection suites; and an internal spine therapy department and exercise gym.

Dr. Downey notes that employers, health insurance companies and patients now understand that there are effective nonsurgical treatment options for back and neck pain and like the concept of a multi-disciplinary approach combining several diagnostic and treatment services under one roof for the convenience of the back and neck pain patient.

SpineGroup Alabama is the only spine center in the State of Alabama to be included in SpineCenterNetwork.com, the only national listing of multi-discipinary spine centers emphasize a multi-discipinary approach and patient education.

“Many times herniated disc symptoms like numbness or weakness in a hand or foot can be relieved in our spine center in only 10 minutes and the patient goes home 30 minutes later,” explains Dr. Cotter. “Our internal injection suite removes the hassle of having to be admitted to a surgery center or hospital outpatient center, which can consume a half day.”

Dr. Downey and Dr. Cotter are proficient in the use of lumbar and cervical interventional pain procedures. “We take the time to educate patients so they understand the cause of their back or neck problem and how to relieve symptoms,” says Dr. Cotter.

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Spine Group Alabama specializes in the treatment of back pain, neck pain, herniated discs, and all types of ligament strain related to the neck and low back. Spine Group Alabama is referred  back and neck pain patients from across Alabama, including Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Auburn, Huntsville and Montgomery.

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