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Laser spine surgery: Can you benefit from it?

At this time, we are not a proponent of laser spine surgery as the current application of a laser with spine surgery is merely as a cutting device. 

This may change in the future as new technology is developed. But at this point, in our opinion, the use of a laser is intended more as a marketing approach to attract patients to a surgery that is not really different from a traditional spine surgery. 

New “minimally invasive spine surgery” approaches used by spine surgeons can now shorten the incision, lessen time in the hospital, and speed the return to activity with a less painful recovery. 

Another area of concern about laser spine surgery ads, in our opinion, is that they may entice a person to have spine surgery unnecessarily. Many times a person can resolve symptoms like radiating pain into a leg or arm, or even numbness, with nonsurgical treatment options like spinal injections or spine therapy.

For more than 10 years, Dr. Mark Downey at SpineGroup Alabama has helped many patients across Alabama get back to activity with spinal injections that relieve pressure on nerve roots.  These injections can act as a bridge to spine therapy, where patients learn special stretches that make the back stronger, more flexible and resistant to future strain.


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